Thursday, May 27, 2010

And just how hard would it have been to run this by a few native English speakers?

Courtesy of Yuna (not that Yuna) writing at The Marmot's Hole, we get word that henceforth makkŏlli shall be known as drunken rice. Might I suggest adding the suffix -tard to that, which would be pure perfection.


  1. Good one, Kushibo. (This is slim, who comes up as DC on blogger).

    Again, I implore you to offer your services over the Marmot's Hole. Robert Neff needs to start his own blog for people who like his historical stuff, and give up his attempts at humor and current events. Robert Koehler needs to dump R.Elgin on literacy/style grounds, or limit his use to visual stuff where he has talent. Keep Wang Kong for business, economy and KA stuff and add Kushibo for breadth, contextualized lateral thinking and mirthful zest (or is it zesty mirth?).

  2. slim, I'm honored and flattered by your suggestion, and I have offered some suggestion to The Marmot for getting involved in his blog. Minor news-related contributions, at least initially, and also to be sheriff, which came about the time of the Mizar situation (I suggested as much in this post's comments section, but the comments in some of my posts disappeared when I switched to my own domain name.

    Anyway, Marmot goes through some busy periods where he doesn't answer much email (not just me, Wangkon says the same thing), so all I can do is wait. I don't want to look too eager... and I don't want to be too eager. I'd only want to do it as long as it's fun or interesting.

    And I still say oranckay should write more.

    As for the others, I think R.Elgin and Robert Neff could both do with having their stuff reviewed by someone else first (after a round with a spellchecker and grammar-checker). I think the historical stuff provides a decent balance when done in small doses, especially if the "more after the jump" feature is used.

    Wangkon does a good job with the economic stuff, and we pass each other ideas on stories (TheKorean is usually in this loop, as are The Marmot and Joe from ZenKimchi sometimes, especially if it involves food). But I know the guy in the real world, and he can get too busy for his own good, too, so lately he hasn't taken up the slack.

    What do you think of Yuna? Her cutesy, in-the-know reporting of the zeitgeist du jour can be fun, but I think the dosage is appropriate right now.

    Have you ever thought of contributing anything, slim?

  3. Aaargh! The post I should have provided (regarding the comments sheriff stuff) was this one, which got a couple dozen comments (and not all from me) after Marmot shut his comments section down for a while.

    But those comments are gone on this one as well. (I should write to someone at Google/Blogger about that).


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