Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost no more

Tonight is the series finalé of my beloved "Lost." And rather than watch it the following day on Hulu, I think I may track down someone with a television that actually gets shows as they're broadcast (my digital TV decoder box died on me, cheap piece of crap!), because I know a whole bunch of people who will probably be calling me up to talk about it, some from time zones where they will have seen the ending before it even starts in this freak state.

Why couldn't we be like Guam and have placed ourselves on the other side of the International Dateline? Of course, it would be December 8, 1941, that would be living in infamy, but that's not my problem.


  1. I'm leaving the following as a comment, not part of the original post. I want an unalterable time stamp on this comment, just in case it turns out to be right. I used to think it was right, but after the past season, I'm no longer convinced.

    For a long time, I thought that the island was Purgatory. They had indeed all died, but they were still required to spend some time on the island while they worked out a few things in their head and heart. That was my theory.

    But now I'm not so sure. Jacob wants them to guard something that could be like knowledge and goodness from the Tree in the Garden of Eden, and somehow the island might still be Purgatory. My theory may still be correct, but I don't think it will be a central element to whatever it is.

    I also think there's a chance that, ultimately, the answer may not come in the final episode. The final episode may be more about saving the island rather than answering all its mysteries.

    Just don't make the whole thing a snow globe.

  2. I just don't get the 'Lost' mania that has taken place over the last seven years. I tried to watch the first season but I just couldn't make it because I thought it was just kooky. About the only exciting thing about was the mysterious French lady's distress call. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the show.

  3. Well it's definitely something you have to watch from the beginning in order to appreciate, which is one reason why ABC and Hulu had all the previous episodes available online. I couldn't watch it in order in Korea, so after I got to Hawaii, I started watching it from the beginning.

    I liked it from the get-go, but I think it gets more compelling once the backstories (the flashbacks) start becoming part of the fabric.

  4. After watching the creators' convoluted finale, I have to agree with "The Simpsons."

  5. Looks like ABC's "event" was a dud judging by the lackluster ratings. Hell, I'm actually surprised by how close "The Apprentice" came to beating "Lost."

  6. I ended up doing a workaround on the TV, so I was able to record the five or six hours of programming from 6 pm to whenever Jimmy Kimmel ended.

    But I had some Korea-based work to do, so I couldn't watch. I will watch today, and then I'll start responding to your comments.

  7. If you're a Man of Science, you'll be disappointed. If you're a Man of Faith (like me), you'll love it.

  8. Okay, I've watched it now, and although I consider myself a Man of Faith (but, complementarily, a Man of Science), I am not completely satisfied.

    I must admit that I liked the mythology of The Island better when it was alluded to rather than shown directly, and that may be biasing me a bit. I know the Season 6 eps had to show some of the mythology more directly.

    But although I think the finalé was a fitting and generally appropriate ending for the show, I think it leaves a few too many unanswered questions, like who, why, how, etc., in the church. Indeed, I think my first comment up above was close to being correct, but it still leaves some unanswered questions there (why is Juliet in the church, but not Anna Lucia?)

    Maybe I just need to think about this a little more. At the risk of sounding quite dense, does the church scene represent that they necessarily all died in the crash, or (since there's no "now" where they are), did they survive at least in the flash sideways and the church scene represents them all coming together at a future moment? Since Hugo cryptically says to Ben that he'd been a good #2, it may stand to reason that is a point sometime in the future from an Earthly mortal standpoint.

    Maybe they survived the crash, they all died in the crash, and they never crashed, all at the same time. That's my working theory right now.

  9. It's a shame that this series finale overshadowed that of one with decent closure on "24," but seeing how convoluted "Lost" tangled its various threads in its finale, I'm hoping more and more that it was really "Vincent's dream."

  10. I'm hoping more and more that it was really "Vincent's dream."

    Ha ha! I guess they didn't have a snow globe handy.

    Anyway, when "M," who has been my "Lost"-re-watching buddy, comes back from Japan, I'll watch Season 6 all over again and see if I notice anything different.


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