Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No Daily Kor today

And you can thank the Federal government for that. Plus all those unpatriotic Americans with no sense of civic duty.

I will leave you with this thought: I think Americans can be divided into those whose world view is either Capraesque or Kafkaesque. Guess which ones don't turn in Census Bureau forms and then angrily shoo you away when you drop by. At least no one is shooting at me, or trying to eat my liver with fava beans and chianti.



  1. The census is supposed to be a count of the people in the country, so why do they need more than one question?

    Hell, they already have my date of birth, tax records, school records, etc., and eventually they will have my death record?

  2. So did you turn in a complete form?

  3. No. I answered the first question (the one that's used to determine my representation in the House as the Senate doesn't need to census count to determine their numbers from each state), but I especially like that phone number question as I don't have one (naked dsl is awesome); however, I do have a couple of e-mail addresses thanks to the aforementioned naked dsl.

    This is where I stand up for "civil" disobedience, but unlike Thoreau I did answer "the" question the census is supposed to be addressing and I do pay my taxes (thank the gods for no state income tax in Texas though).

  4. People who think the census form is invasive should read the forms from 100 years ago, in their library or on They were much more probing than the modern short form, at least.

    I worked as a field enumerator in the 1980 census, in a backwoods area of a deep south state. It was fun, and I only got one or two get-the-hell-off-my-porch responses.


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