Friday, May 28, 2010

Stop destroying my home, people!

I'm still reeling from the vivid scene in 2012 where we see Honolulu in flames as the extinct Diamond Head erupts anew and spills lava all over the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf I frequent. (And I live about a mile or so inland from where this scene was "filmed.")

Seeing your own 'hood get destroyed on the big screen can be a very unsettling experience, so you can understand my uneasiness with all the war talk of late that involves North Korea. This site, talking about "how North Korean artillery could level Seoul in two hours," shows the effects of a small nuclear detonation right in my neighborhood. My apartment is located right in that little crater of destruction. So's the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf I most frequent in Seoul.

Thank you very much. I hope my tenants aren't reading this. [HT to Joshua at OFK]


  1. I wonder how long it will be before NK has another missile or nuclear test? Not long, in my opinion.

  2. Frankly, I hope he does. And then we can do this.

    Or better yet, we can say to him, "Was that really a nuclear test? Sounds like a bunch of TNT detonated in a hole." Then he'll light off another one just to show us he means business. We say back to him, "Ah, that was just an earthquake and you're trying to take advantage of it to make it seem like you detonated a nuke." Then he'll let another one go, just to prove us wrong.

    Rinse. Repeat. Eventually all those nukes are washed out of our hair.

    It's a plan simple in its brilliance and brilliant in its simplicity.


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