Thursday, May 6, 2010

No Daily Kor today for today, either. And no, the Census Bureau story is not a cover for a trip to Shanghai.

But I think it would be rather cool to be in Shanghai, where there is speculation that Dear Leader Kim Jong-il will show up.

Personally, though, I think he's headed back to Guangzhou.


  1. Here's a
    disturbing census story for you. Talk about more wasted tax dollars.

  2. I passed that along to some people in our organization. They just rolled their eyes.

    I'll tell you, this whole thing has been a big, eye-opening adventure in how corporate and/or government America can be as mind-boggling screwed up as many of the worst stories coming from NSETs working in Korea.

    This entire operation is hobbled (and made far more expensive) by being the mother of all 빨리 빨리 no-time-to-get-it-right-just-do-it operations.

    The next time I hear someone talk about how Koreans don't pay attention to detail and are in too much of a hurry to get things done right and don't do enough planning, while back in America we would never do such-and-such, I'm going to give them quite the earful.

  3. Yeah, a bigger government just means more wasted tax dollars (and higher taxes) to support the ineptitude of it all. By the way, that's why I'm all in favor of Apple or Microsoft taking over the Department of Education as we are falling further and further behind in all areas except high school football and marching band.

    Oh, I did fill out an additional question on the form. I marked down "Texan" for the race question, just so big brother Uncle Sam would know where I stand on the issue of Texas secession if our current governor, and future President, Rick Perry, deems it necessary.

  4. Yeah, a bigger government just means more wasted tax dollars (and higher taxes) to support the ineptitude of it all.

    Well, up to a point I agree with you. But I'd say it's more a matter how you spend the money being more important than how much you spend.

    There are genuinely good and necessary programs that suffer simply from a lack of money, while there are bloated programs that would survive (and even thrive and become good programs) if their budgets were slashed.

    I emphasize the 빨리빨리 nature of this Census Bureau stuff. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for them to have hired on so many people so late in the game and then given them such hasty and cursory training that they are guaranteed to make costly mistakes.

    Frankly, I can think of few government programs in Korea that have been managed this badly.

  5. Oh, crap. Looking at my last comment, it really sounds like I'm dissing everyone in the Census Bureau. In fact, most of the people this job are hard-working, dedicated, civic-minded people who are trying to do the best job they can under the circumstances. In fact, hardly a bad apple in the whole bunch.


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