Thursday, May 13, 2010

No Daily Kor or much of anything for a few days

I'm on the Big Island doing dome some research. Here's my GPS directing me to Peepee Falls (pronounced 페에페에 and needing some diacritical marks).

Conveniently, Peepee Falls is located in Boiling Pots State Park. Where else?


  1. I take it some of the signs leave out the okina? It should be Pe'e Pe'e. There's a road somewhere on the Pali with four As in a row but there are no okinas so I don't know how to pronounce it.

  2. Yes, some of the signs leave out the 'okina, as well as the macron (called a kahakō).

    I took a picture of one of the 'okina-less signs on Peepee Falls Street, which runs into Pe'epe'e Road or something, which had the 'okina listed. Not really much rhyme or reason.

    I think the key thing is that, even without the diacriticals, it's safe to assume all vowels are pronounced, and "oo" is not pronounced like the double-o in "food" but closer to (but not exactly like) oh-oh. Ditto with "ee" being closer to "eh-eh."


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