Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hawaii Five-0 2.0 3.0

WARNING! YouTube video below (including its title) contains a spoiler for the fourteenth episode of "Lost" from Season 6.

Pretty soon, "Hawaii 5-0" won't just refer to short girls from Honolulu. It seems CBS is going to offer Daniel Dae Kim (no relation to Daniel Day Lewis) a job as Chin Ho Kelly in the resurrection of the popular series that's so old, it actually predates television. Great timing, since his role as Jin on "Lost" is winding down.

Now that the Census Bureau gig is also winding down (unless I can pull off looking busy for the next nine years), maybe you'll spot Kushibo checking off another job on his list of forms of employment he'd like to try for a few months: television or movie extra. Again, Korean-language skills may come in handy. (The rest of the list includes baristo, police officer, national park ranger, politician, NGO head, and Seoul taxi driver.)

And can I be the first to mention the irony of Mr Kim playing HPD instead of being booked by them? (Seriously, that was sort of a problem with the "Lost" cast.)

Ah, just kidding. You've been great in "Lost," and I'm sorry to see it all coming to an end. I've especially enjoyed your storyline.


  1. This will be version 3.0. 2.0 was rejected, but you can see the opening here.

    Gary Busey was awful in it. I actually have a copy of it and many other failed pilots thanks to my many years in Hollywood. Sadly, a lot of what makes it onto the screen is actually due to business commitments and not actual quality. For every Steven Bochco hit like "Hill Street Blues," you get a piece of garbage like "Public Morals," just because studio heads like Les Moonves (CBS) are hoping that producers like Bochco (and Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys fame and now the Five-O reboot) will continue to catch ligthtening in a bottle.

  2. Bochco speaks about Pulic Morals in Part 11 of 12. Of course, he laid all the blame on Les when, actually, the viewing public tuned out in droves and many of those who did watch ended up giving the switchboard at CBS a real earfull of their take on this supposed "comedy."

    You can catch the tone of Gary's acting in this longer clip of the title and guest stars.

  3. Thanks for the info. I'll consider changing the title.

    In the longer Gary Busey clip, the place he's sitting at is, I think, Magic Island. I go kayaking there sometimes. Mayor Mufi is thinking of renaming it Obama Park.

  4. Today, I got an e-mail form a so-called influential TV writer pushing for me to vote for Yunjin Kim or the other women of "Lost" because of their work over the last few years, but after watching her audition for Kate, I decided to vote for those who I've found to be more deserving this year and not to fall to peer pressure of a "Lost" fanatic. I wrote an e-mail back telling him to get off his high horse and realize that there are a lot of deserving candidates out there who aren't given the type of exposure that he spouts off every week about how great "Lost" is in his columns, but I guess ratings are "lost" on him as "Lost" is far from a top-ranked program. Instead, he lit a fire under me to check out some other deserving programs and actors which caused me to stumble across Bio. True Story: Jacob Cohen. This heart-breaking and rags-to-riches story of Rodney Dangerfield was the best television I've seen in the last year, but somehow it was never mentioned by my peer in his column because it would have taken precious space from his "Lost" love-in.


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