Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Supreme People's re-Assembly

Apparently the Pyongyang elite had so much fun at their last rubber-stamp gathering that they're doing it all again, early next month.

From Reuters:
North Korea has called for a rare second session of its parliament on June 7, its state media said on Tuesday, two months since the previous meeting when it changed the constitution to boost leader Kim Jong-il's powers.

A brief dispatch by the official KCNA news agency did not say what was on the agenda for the new session of the rubber stamp Supreme People's Assembly.

Kim did not attend the last session on April 9, which amended the constitution to strengthen the powers of the National Defense Commission, the focus of leadership in the reclusive state which he heads as chairman.
So the inevitable question: What's up with that? Is he going to try again to install his son as heir apparent (or hair apparent — sorry, slim)? Are they going to try to figure out what to do now that China isn't going to be giving them the aid they'd expected? Are they getting together to figure out an escape route when the dprK soccer team loses to inferior races in the World Cup four days later?

My guess: They're going to gather 'round the only TiVo in North Korea to watch the series finalé of "Lost." Just imagine their shock when they find out that Kim Jong-il is the Smoke Monster. That bouffant should have been a clue.

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