Friday, May 28, 2010

Monster Island takes 200,000 hits
(sometime in the next 18 hours)

This is a bit of a milestone, hitting the 200K mark. Sitemeter says we're at 199,757, and I've been averaging about 500 per day the past few days (usually it's around 400), so it might happen while I'm asleep (I'm actually about to go to bed... the blog's on Korea time, but my circadian rhythm is definitely in the Aloha State).

It was only eight-and-a-half months ago that I reached the 100K mark. The actual number of hits is more than that, since I didn't start the Sitemeter readings until November 2005, some eight months after I'd started blogging, but I figure the thousands I'd missed in those early months would be about equal to all the times I've visited my own blog, so now we're at 200,000 visits besides me.

I'm especially proud that I've gotten to this second shimman without relying on boob pics, or the 독도누드s I've promised but not yet delivered.

Just like last time, I'm promising a free coffee to whomever the 200,000th visitor is, unless it's someone looking for semi-nude pictures of Megan Fox while at work in the San Bernardino Superintendent of Schools office or some such thing, like last time.

Good night!

And here's our winner.

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