Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ain't nobody here but us chickens

Sadly, a jaunt down to the Safeway on Kapahulu can seem like a journey back to Soviet Russia.


  1. You think that's bad? Try buying a peach in Seoul after a month of solid rain.

  2. Theresa, it could be that. Plenty of eggs were still on the shelves in the days and week or so after the recall, but it's possible that the time it takes to ship eggs from the Mainland (local eggs cost 50% more) means that we didn't see the effect of the recall until now.

    But, this is not the first time this has happened, and on the same day it also happened with the milk I wanted to buy (Lucerne lactose-free whole milk, which is the store brand), and it often happens with yogurt.

    Very frustrating. At least with what Douglas is talking about, it's a seasonal thing and is a sign that so much of what we eat in South Korea is locally grown.

  3. Tons of peaches and watermelons here in Daejeon, and guess what? They've dropped in price like rocks in one day. Those 25,000 won watermelons from before the holiday are now going for 5,000 won and I've seen some of the really old ones going for 1,000 won.

    The grapes have also come down in price, but the rain has really hurt their quality. And this year, there was a bumper crop of them. What a shame!


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