Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[UPDATED] KCNA coverage of the historic Workers' Party of Korea conference in Pyongyang

If you were expecting a Florida-style nail-biter, too bad. Kim Jong-il has been re-elected General-Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea unanimously. The rest of the Secretariat of the WPK Central Committee is here.

[UPDATEThis story, which was apparently missing when I first looked at the list of news articles, gives a litany of the Central Military Commission of the WPK. While Kim Jong-il is still the Chairman, the position from which he gets his authority and power, you'll notice that the second name listed is Kim Jong-un, who has been promoted to Vice Chairman of the Commission, along with Ri Yongho. As AsiaOneNews notes, "Jong-Un's postion as vice-chairman of the military commission places him right below his father and above everybody else in the military." Well, everyone except Ri Yongho, who "has close ties with Kim Jong-il and Jang Songtaek," according to North Korea Leadership Watch.]

Other notable articles:
  • This story gives an actual item-by-item accounting of how the conference went.
  • This is the Big List of members and alternate members (in case the members get shot, I guess) of the WPK Central Committee. I can't believe Ri Kŏnu* didn't make it. 
  • Members and alternate members of the elite WPK Central Committee's Political Bureau are listed here. Kim Jong-il and his sister, the newly minted four-star general Kim Kyŏnghŭi, are listed as members. Jang Songtaek, General Kim's husband and the presumed regent of Kim Jong-un should he be chosen to lead the country after his father's demise, was chosen as an alternate. KJU is not on the list. The Presidium of the Political Bureau, headed by the Dear Leader (is there nothing he can't do?), is listed here
  • The play-by-play of the above-mentioned Central Committee's plebum can be found here. It has all the excitements of the minutes of a local elementary school PTA information, but with less useful information.
  • This story talks about revisions of rules for the WPK, but without saying what those rules changes were. But it has something to do with strengthening the party.
* I made that guy up. Don't bother Googling.

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