Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ignorant OCers offended by swastikas

From the Los Angeles Times:
Controversy flared up at Pretend City, a children's museum in Irvine, when a few visitors recently complained about a Hindu swastika woven on a tapestry in one of the museum's exhibits.

The offended visitors apparently were unaware that the swastika is an old religious symbol in Hinduism and that members of many other cultures around the globe revere it, among them some Native Americans. The swastika, however, was co-opted by Nazi Germany as the centerpiece of the Third Reich's flag.

The tapestry is part of the museum's "Home" exhibit, which is displaying a Hindu family's belongings. The exhibit rotates every six months and takes cultural objects from local family homes and displays them to the public, allowing Orange County visitors to see how different families live.
And they live like frickin' Nazis!

Sadly, no, I'm not making this story up (I'd come up with a hella more creative name than "Pretend City"). They actually removed the offending swastika for a couple weeks while they figured out how to de-ignorantify the general public.

And I guess since we can't have Muslims setting up prayer centers in Lower Manhattan because it offends other people, I guess the Hindus are going to have to put away the swastikas that were co-opted by the Nazis. The Buddhists in America have already done so.

Hmm... maybe OC folks were offended by the hidden message that Republicans are a bunch of Nazis.


  1. How the world has changed since the days of my youth when Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends tried to enlighten the world about the background of the design and also introduce a Native American Hero while doing so.

  2. No surprise. Every issue of _Blade of the Immortal_ https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Blade_of_the_immortal#Editing_in_the_English_language_adaptation includes something like half a page explaining the swastika symbol on the protagonist's clothing.

  3. Move to Berkeley. They tolerate everything. Except conservatives.

  4. Early editions of Kipling would often include a swastika in the design (and, subsequently, fetch higher prices on the circuit nowadays).

    The art deco ticket office at Upminster Bridge Underground station in London has a reversed swastika design on its floor.



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