Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"World's longest seabed tunnel" completed off Pusan

The Epoch Times has an interesting piece on the 3.7-kilometer seabed tunnel that is to connect Kŏjedo Island and Kadŏkto Island with Pusan and the rest of the Mainland. There isn't an official name yet, apparently, though it is being called the Kŏga Tunnel (가거침매터널, after the first syllables of Kŏjedo and Kadŏkto).

The Korean-language Joongang Ilbo (from which I snagged the above image) has a neat graphic on how it was put together. I wonder if this technology could be used for a future tunnel connecting Japan's Kyushu Island and Korea's Kyŏngsang region beneath the Korea Strait, one that is getting a second look.

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