Sunday, September 19, 2010

The only kind of beef in North Korea...

... is beefing up the military. As in the big military buildup along the DMZ over the past year that Yonhap has been reporting.

From AFP:
North Korea beefed up its military arsenal near its border with the South last year despite a severe economic downturn, a government source in Seoul was quoted as saying Sunday.

The communist country deployed some 200 additional units of 240-mm multiple-rocket launchers along the heavily-fortified border, Yonhap news agency reported.

The 240-millimetre, which can shoot up to 22 rounds every 35 minutes and has a range of 60 kilometres (37 miles), is considered by the South's military as a "core threat" to the capital city of Seoul and populous suburbs, Yonhap said.
Oh, joy. The Yonhap article is found here.

And speaking of antagonizing belligerence, North Korea also released a massive amount of water from one of its dams, sending water toward the South. You may recall that a similar act in September of last year killed half a dozen South Koreans.

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  1. what? no image of the 80's tshirt that reads: "Where's the Beef"?


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