Friday, September 17, 2010

Islamaphobia and
the law of unintended consequences

I'd been getting a lot of traffic today to this post, an April 2009 piece addressing some of my concerns about factory-farmed meat that included this picture of a pig waste lagoon somewhere in the American South (North Carolina, I think).

[UPDATE: in Georgia. That's right: Even I don't read my own posts.]

The traffic was coming from a Russian-language site, so I had to Google-translate it.

Lo and behold, apparently they were discussing ways of hemming in Muslims, such as by burying pig ashes and pig waste in places you wanted Muslims to vacate or otherwise be Muslim-free zones. I guess someone came up with the idea of having these giant pools of shit in America shipped off to Islamaphobic regions that wish to employ this idea.

For the record: Kushibo does not endorse this plan whatsoever.


  1. i don't know where this idea came from that if a muslim touches pigstuff they SUDDENLY BURST INTO FLAME

  2. I believe it may stem from an apocryphal story, back during the Philippine campaign launched by the US to consolidate control of that newly acquired territory.

    Supposedly General Pershing discouraged Muslim terrorism by executing all but one captured terrorist (who even a hundred years ago were apparently Muslim) and burying their bodies with pigs. That tale of horror, when passed on by the lone survivor, would scare the other Muslim islanders into laying down their arms.

  3. That might work though, some Muslims seem to have an acute phobia of anything porcine.. weird. But who'd want a home with view on a blood pool anyway.

    Ps: I don't know much about the Philippines campaign, but isn't "terrorist" too strong a word for people trying to stave you invading their land?


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