Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Jump Around" by House of Pain

Since this song is stuck in my head, I thought it only fair I inflict the same punishment on you.

Actually, I like this song, despite the Irish gangsta wannabe posing. I once had so much hope for White hip-hop. What happened?

Actually, I kinda like how these guys wear their Irishness on their sleeve. I see nothing wrong with that kind of thing as long as (a) you're still an American/Canadian/Brit/Mexican/etc first and (b) it doesn't lead you to committing acts of violence or hate crimes against someone else.


  1. In my experience, Mexican/Irish is the best kind of Irish.

    But not if you're an Irish gangsta wannabe poser. Which I'm guessing your'e not. Or no longer are. ;)

  2. wasn't one of the guys in house of pain, like, secretly estonian or something?

  3. Well, you can't spell pain without Estonian poser.


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