Saturday, October 2, 2010

Badly photoshopped Kim Jong-un pictures

It's the weekend, it's rainy, so what better to do than take the recently released official photographs of Kim Jong-il's son and heir apparent and put them in places the KCNA never intended? Well, I guess there's studying, but this is far more fun than the socioeconomic indicators of stress and health.

I encourage you to post your own and link them here, or let me post them. Just email me. I'll even send you my starter kit cut-out of Kim Jong-un's head or head-and-torso.

Ones that have a theme (like this one below) are especially welcome.
Anakim Skywalker


There's an actual connection here:
So much anticipation and all we got was a fatty.

Following that earlier theme.

Oh, my God! They killed Kenny because he participated in
economic activities that were not sanctioned by the state! You bastards!
(This photo is, of course, in reference to my earlier claim that the 

Brilliant Comradelooks like a North Korean version of Eric Cartman.)

The Star Wars theme works
on so many levels.

That's all I've got for now. Any takers?

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