Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pornification of Korea

What a lovely young woman. And she's a singer. Hmm... I wonder what she's going to sing about?

Oh, her parents must be proud.

And who's this guy?

Ah, how cute! He thinks the "L" stands for Ladies.

Hell. Handbasket. Korea.

Seriously, though, I guess sticking blatantly sexual profanity in your song is one way to turn your no-talent self into a celebrity.

(Oops. It seems I forgot to warn you that the above link is NSFW, but the fact is, I have no idea if this is okay where you work. Maybe your boss likes this kind of thing and you playing it on your computer will make you more popular and more likely to get that promotion. So in lieu of "NSFW," I will offer the Kushibo Warning: The prior link contains women of varying attractiveness singing that they "want to fuck you," but it's up to you to decide if that's something you are able to view at work. I ain't your mommy or your nanny.)

[HT to Brian, from whom I get nearly all my K-pop news]

And speaking of work-inappropriate videos on YouTube:

You know, joke videos like this only serve to make light of what is a very real and very serious problem for some of us. Shame on you, Gochu Boyz.

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  1. Beautiful Girl! My 65 year old ajjuma boss was dancing when I wiewed this video at work. Thanks a lot Shibo, it's time to look for another gig!

    Do they play that tune on public radio?


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