Sunday, October 3, 2010

Marijuana cancer connection

I've already turned in my ballot with my vote on Proposition 19, the voter initiative to legalize marijuana, but the discussion is only now heating up in anticipation of the November 2 showdown.

In the meantime, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to downgrade possession of one ounce of less of marijuana from a misdemeanor to an infraction with a fine of $100, in order to prevent pot possession cases from clogging up the courts at a time when the state is running out of money.

This has prompted the Los Angeles Times to start an online discussion on the merits of the Gubernator's decision, which has brought the self-righteous pot smokers out to tell us all that marijuana consumption brings with it no dangers and no health risks.

Enough to feed thirty-seven English teachers for an entire year.

Really, although I am quite sympathetic to the idea of ending Marijuana Prohibition and all the organized crime, violence, and ruined lives of the incarcerated that it entails, I don't know why people are saying so confidently saying that marijuana has no connection with cancer.

There are some studies showing, surprisingly, no link between marijuana smoking and lung cancer. On the other hand, there are studies showing a connection between marijuana consumption and testicular cancer (see here and here).

Marijuana use is also implicated in other cancers as well (see also here).

On the other hand, THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, may actually help fight brain cancer (see also here) and colon cancer, but it's not a given that one would have to smoke pot in order to get the effects; perhaps a THC supplement would do the trick. (Actually, that would be something worth checking out; the entire synergistic pot-smoking experience may be necessary to get the curative effects.

I'm still not sure whether I buy that it's not addictive. I realize there are studies saying that, but I've seen too many people who can't seem to give up the habit even when it's causing serious problems in their lives for me to just believe out of hand that there's no there there in terms of it being habit-forming. And I won't even get into the impaired judgement of people I know who have been regular smokers for a few years or more. At least they end up being a regular source for low-wage earners. It's a benefit to all. When they show up for work.


  1. my only experiences with pot- is how stupid it makes my brother act when he's stoned and how my ex-boss lost alot of his short term memory cuz he smoked so much weed.

  2. you sir are a dumbass. It is obvious that you are a non smoker. Please ramble about something that is relevant to your experience. Only then will your opinions be worth something. thanks! =D

  3. fh, what happened to pot smokers being all mellow?

    Since I'm in public health, the health effects of marijuana smoking are relevant to my experience. One doesn't need to be a pot smoker to have some worthwhile notion about its health effects.


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