Saturday, October 16, 2010


The population of the Republic of Korea (the southern, friendly one) has officially crossed the fifty million mark. It was a baby girl born on September 13. Interestingly, the 49,999,999th ROK resident was a baby born to a Vietnamese woman from Kyŏnggi-do Province.

Still, with so many couples have just one baby or none, we are haunted by the same inverted population pyramid that has been plaguing Japan

Really, there needs to be some sort of campaign for couples to get to baby making. We can call it "ROK On!" and it should involve romantic music and daycare vouchers.

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  1. OK Shibo, I'm here baby!! From what I can personally see in this country, there seems to be some serious social issues flooding the earth. The birth rate is in serious decline, but is it really because of monetary issues or is it more of a "neuvo riche" complex leading to selfishness, thus moving away from the idea of family and moving towards a BMW and Rolex.

    I just can't believe that "womans equality" is the major contributor to the declining birth rate.


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