Monday, October 11, 2010

Fool me once...

It appears that famed World Cup fan from Paraguay, Ms Larissa Riquelme (she of the "Who needs pockets?" set), is looking for a mate in Korea.

This being Discoverer's Day weekend and with no classes until Thursday, I was so tempted to head back to Seoul just to try my luck, but then I remembered this.

No, Sunoo Matchmaking Agency, I shan't be fooled again by your fake publicity stunts! [HT to TMH]

If you'd like to see more of Riquelme's marriageable attributes, check out these NSFW pictures.


  1. Cool...I just noticed Ms. Paraguay has a Nokia E71 in her "pocket"! I used to have that phone. We match!

  2. With the gravitational field those things create, I'll bet she's got every phone caught up in her "pocket" by now.


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