Saturday, October 23, 2010

Full moon

I heard it will hit freezing in Seoul tonight, so I'll just rub it in that right now I'm standing in my shorts at Sandy Beach.

Those are clouds illuminated by the Moon.


  1. I punch you. Gently, but firmly in the throat. Since I can't punch Korea's hideous, aggressive, impatient winter. I punch you.


    Respect and admiration,


  2. 2am in Gangnam and it's a balmy 13C, I will even put on shorts to stumble downstairs to family mart in a moment to find something to soak up all this liquor.
    0C? Not for at least another week!

  3. Geoffwah,

    Having been mostly away from Korean winters since 2006, I can say I actually miss them. Walking around outside is invigorating, life-affirming. And since most Korean homes are pretty well-heated, there is plenty of respite from the cold. Get out of the city and see the snow all over the place, and it is pretty, though I grant that all the greenery of Seoul can easily turn into leaf-less trees of gloom in an urban landscape that seems dirty and pessimistic.

    If it makes you feel any better, it does get below 15°C here in Honolulu, where no building is heated. That starts to feel cold after a while, because there is no respite from it.

  4. Stafford, I'm glad to hear it isn't yet time to break out the Homer feet. It was on The Marmot's Hole where I thought I'd read about it getting that cold.

    Yeah, for late October, 13°C is balmy. That's a "cold" winter night in Honolulu, but it's enjoyable nonetheless. Hope it lasts.

  5. Since it was too long to thumb-type into my iPhone while at the beach, I neglected to add that my primary purpose in doing this post was a bit Twitter-ish. That is, Sandy Beach (which is about nine miles east of where I live and away from the city lights) during a full moon is one of my favorite things to do on Oahu.

    In fact, I did a very similar post on Taeborŭm, when moon-viewing is a major activity. At that time, we accidentally encountered a Hawaiian monk seal lying on the beach. Freaked us out.


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