Monday, October 4, 2010

How did I miss this?

When I spent the better part of the summer on the US Mainland, mostly in California, how did I miss Pyongyang Express, the North Korean food truck piggybacking the Korean taco truck made popular by the Kogi Truck?

It was apparently a very, very involved viral marketing ploy of the folks trying to sell this video game so lovingly reviewed by The Marmot, in which North Korea, through a series of unlikely but not implausible events, takes over East Asia and then the US.


  1. Norton detected a backdoor Trojan virus somewhere on or through your Google proxy feed. Hope you find and delete it so I can come back and read your blog.

  2. I wouldn't have any idea how to find it or delete it. Though this is my own domain, it's all run through Blogger/Blogspot.

    Can you pinpoint when you first noticed that? I might be able to use that to see if it is connected with a picture or something.

  3. I sent that photo of the truck to Joshua months ago and asked him if he thought it was real. He said he didn't know, but didn't want to post it and give them publicity- just in case. relieved it's fake. hilarious marketing- and marmot's comment "couldn't we let them keep san francisco?" i would normally be offended, since i grew up in the Bay Area and live in Oakland, but i gotta laugh. i get it.

  4. I removed the game poster, which I had copied from TMH, to see if that is what's causing Norton to detect a backdoor Trojan virus. My caption asked, "Don't they realize that SanFran is already full of commies?"


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