Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"No more negative ads."

I think I voted for the right one. (More on this story here.)


  1. Negative ads work, and voters have short memories. So, it's a vain hope.

  2. I think Brown is a better campaigner, but I also think he's a clearer political thinker as well.

    And if Ms Whitman is not media-savvy enough to win, how is she going to be savvy enough to solve problems in as unwieldy a place as Sacramento?

  3. The Sanity Inspector, I think you're right. It does work in the short run, but it is a tumor on our democratic process. More than getting people out to vote, it makes a lot of people just stay home. That's not good for any democratic constituency.

  4. Sheeb- I agree. Whitman is out of her element here.


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