Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rally to Restore Sanity Honolulu

It technically hasn't begun yet, but there's not a great turnout here in Oahu. Not the hundreds of thousands (?) they got in Washington DC, but there are about a hundred or so people sitting in the shade ("today it's sunny with a chance of SANE," says this rally's FB page). I think most of them are not homeless.

For now we're just hanging out by the Korean War Memorial. Aimé Césaire will have to wait.

By the way, that's Hawaii's state capitol in the background, the only capitol uglier than that thing at Yôûido.

Every haole in Honolulu is here. It started Hawaii-style (i.e., thirty minutes late) but there are now loads of people. So if you were thinking you shouldn't come 'cuz kushibo was fussing the whole thing, don't listen to me. No one should ever, ever, ever take anything I say seriously.

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