Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And this will be my next phone

If the iPhone prototype found in some café proves to be genuine, then this will likely be my next phone. In fact, I've been waiting for the next round of iPhone to come out this summer to replace my nearly two-year-old iPhone 3G, which works fine and everything, but is a little slow now and lacks some of the nifty features that this "protoype" has.

I like the high-resolution screen and the video capability. After all, I've got little nephews and nieces, as well as elderly relatives who say sitcom-level outrageous things.

Sorry, Samsung projector phone.


  1. What a modern life we lead, eagerly looking forward to acquiring the latest glowing rectangle...

    ...don't mind me, I can't keep up, is all.

  2. Yeah, I really prefer this one over the old one too. I was never a fan of the old (plastic) iPhone design.

  3. The Sanity Inspector, I don't think I'm one of those types. I did not get the 3Gs, simply because I had no justification for it, even though it's faster and has more functionality.

    This 4G, however, is a different thing. I almost bought an iPod Nano just so I could have a little go-anywhere video camera, and if the 4G has this, then that alone would justify the cost.

    reijene, the women in my life tend to get excited about these things, too. How have you been?

  4. Apple's wave really seems to be cresting, especially here in Korea nowadays. I'm even looking seriously at picking up one of those 4G thingamabobs, and the last time I used Apple was in 1988 at my university computer lab before Bill Gates took home the chips.


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