Sunday, April 18, 2010

Loose change for April 18, 2010

 Economic and business news 
  • The Wall Street Journal looks at China's equivalent of South Korea's screen quota system and how Beijing hopes to use it to make Chinese films more innovative. They should notice that South Korean films' quality and appeal took a dramatic turn upward after the screen quota was gradually reduced. 
  • Subaru will begin selling its Outback crossover wagon, Forester SUV, and Legacy sedan starting next month.
 North Korea news and stuff 
  • Writing in the Wall Street Journal, everybody's favorite Pyongyang watcher Andrei Lankov writes that in Pyongyang it's women who wear the pants in the family. It's a subscribers-only link, but I'll try to write a post on this when I use the university connection to dig through it.
 Other Korea-related stuff 
  • StarCraft II gets a 18+ rating (aged eighteen or older), for violence, foul language, and depictions of drug use. It's rated for teens thirteen and up in the US, and it had been rated 15+ in Korea but the makers asked for a reevaluation. Whoops. 
  • Kim Yuna has been voted as Japan's favorite Korean celebrity. Call me crazy, but I'd bet Mao Asada would fare well in a similar poll of Koreans' favorite Japanese. Itō Hirobumi, however, will always be at the problem.
  • The Joongang Daily goes into the background of manned and stealth torpedos in the context of the Chonan sinking. 
 Americana and miscellany 

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