Monday, April 12, 2010

Equal time

Some people think I only write shiny, happy stories about people in Korea holding hands, that I ignore all that bad stuff because I'm trying so hard to protect Korea's image, whatever that means.

Well, on the off chance they're right — and they might be, if you ignore all the critical stuff I write — I thought I would print, without editorial input, the following comment from another blog:
I say bring on the robots! Robots wont complain with late or missing paychecks, wont complain about substandard housing, wont complain about being assaulted, raped, or murdered. Robots will work overtime for free, gladly work through vacations doing desk service and wont expect the yearly 5manwon a month raise. AND Korea will be number one in use of robots in the classroom. Meanwhile, all foreign devils previously working in Korea will go to ____(insert local)___ and offer outragious tuition rates for illiterate (in English of course) korean students to come for home visits & one on one intensive emmersion lessons.
These vast hordes of freshly educated Korean students will also pick up novelty ideas like: equality, democracy protected by civil rights, racial tolerance, intolerance for corruption and a thirst for western style justice. They will then all return to Korea as enlightened becons and lead their nation into the modern era with progressive social change and political integrity.

Hey...why not? the robot fantasy is good enough for the masses to buy into... why not a social revolution led by foreign educated intelligencia? 'cause you know THAT's the real fear... we'll infect the lil ones with *IDEAS* that foster *indepentant cognition* HA
There, former candidate for the presidency of ATEK. I've just increased your audience by at least twenty-four.

I'd like to use this post to inaugurate a new Blogger feature that looks for related posts, but I take no responsibility for the results.

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