Friday, April 9, 2010

In other blogs (April 9, 2010 edition)

Dear Reader, if you have a particularly interesting post you'd like me to highlight, feel free to email me with a link so I can take a look.
  • One Free Korea has an excellent roundup of the latest news on the sinking of the Chonan, following the interviews of the sailors who were on board. 


  1. Thanks for the link. I was a little surprised by the volume of comments that came along with it.

    My shortest ever post = the most comments. There's a lesson there.

  2. Ive always wondered..isnt KAIST just a Korean "us too" version of JAIST?


  3. Given that KAIST was established in 1971 and JAIST was established in 1990, you may have it backwards.

    If KAIST was an "us, too" for anything, it was MIT that they were trying to emulate.


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