Saturday, April 17, 2010

Korea demography reader
(April 17, 2010 edition)


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  2. 7Ø7 wrote:
    How often does Korea take a census?

    I believe it's every five years. The last one was in 2005, so there should be one this year. I remember an Auntie Census coming to my apartment and asking me a bunch of questions in Korean, though they did have forms in various languages, including English, for those who can't speak Korean. They're quite serious about counting non-KoKos.

  3. I find it odd that more Californians aren't ready to jump off that sinking ship. I've moved many places for work (including Califas, New York City, and South Korea), this might interest a few into joining the Texan ranks: Home of the Sane

    I also find the Califonia numbers to be suspect. I live in South Korea, but I also work for a major Los Angeles/NYC based entertainment company and one based in London. I've held this additional L.A. job off and on over the last four years because the company can't find members of the Y generation who actually want to work long, thankless hours. Luckily, a intern does the mundane aspects of the daily job while I churn out report after report thanks to video conferencing and the internet (luckily its only really rough during pilot season). The best part of it is that since my U.S. home is in Texas, I don't have to deal with all that nonsense in California and those insane taxes.

  4. Kushibo: I deleted my comment b/c I realized the article says it is taken every five years, but thanks anyway.


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