Sunday, April 25, 2010

Daily Kor for April 25, 2010

There are only eight shopping months until Christmas. North Korea has nearly done with their window shopping — they've picked out exactly what they want.
  1. Wind and snow on Annapurna force Oh Eunsun's to delay attempted ascent of deadly peak, putting record of being first female to have climbed all fourteen over-8000-meter peaks in jeopardy (see update here)
  2. More clues of Pyongyang's involvement in sinking of Chonan are found as front half of warship is raised (Reuters, AP via WaPo, BBC, VOA, WSJ video, Yonhap)
  3. North Korea will carry out freezing of South Korean tourism assets over next four days (Yonhap)
  4. Bank of Korea head says exit strategy will be implemented after private sector recovers (Yonhap)
  5. Despite millions in education funds pumped into the project, Kyŏnggi-do's "Italian Village" immersion program deemed an unmitigated failure (Yonhap)

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