Monday, April 12, 2010

Loose change for April 12, 2010

 Economic and business news 
  • If I had a Korean-Mexican fusion taco truck, I don't know if I'd want the word "viral" associated with my business. But it's a new era, and we Gen Xers are gradually turning into old fogeys as the Millennials turn our lexical traditions on their head. 
  • There will be only one Korean eatery at the Shanghai expo, out of a total of ninety establishments. That is, unless Korea claims various Chinese foods as Korean. [Note: The article in question calls it Hansik, the last syllable of which, because of the lame "Revised" Romanization, looks like it should be pronounced sick instead of sheik or chic. Is that really how you want Korean food to come across? I guess Japanese food — Ilsik, which looks like ill-sick — fares even worse. Viral food indeed.]
 North Korea news and stuff 
  • Pyongyang has warned Seoul to curtail the activities of civic and religious groups that send fliers into the North and engage in other "propaganda activities" the two sides had agreed to stop in 2004, saying if the ROK government does not do so, the DPRK will take "decisive measures." What decisive measures? I'm picturing Ben killing a bunny in front of Sawyer, because they can't kill anymore tourists. 
  • Read the KCNA report on the freezing of South Korea's tourism assets at Kŭmgangsan.
 Other Korea-related stuff 
 Americana and miscellany 


  1. Question: what do Koreans think about the Grand Prix? Do they treat it like they do the majority of "sporting" (for lack of a better term) events, where they don't care about the local teams but go crazy when the competition goes international?

    While I'm at it, what's the average attendance for a baseball/football (soccer)/short track game/meet when it is a national league, not an international one?

  2. I honestly don't know about the GP. I think there is growing interest, and it's kinda cool that such a thing could be here in Korea (I keep writing "here" like I'm in South Korea, but I'm actually in Hawaii at the moment).

    As for the other sporting events, I'm really not sure, but my understanding is it's about as much as college-level play in the US. I've written before about my experience watching Korean baseball, which is fairly well attended.


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