Monday, April 19, 2010

John Glionna of the LAT really likes Incheon International Airport

I mean really:
Passengers slumbered on comfy loungers. Others enjoyed free public computers and Internet access, no-charge showers and luggage carts. Some watched a performance of traditional music at a cultural center, or placed bets at a casino.

Wandering the gates were Wal-Mart-style greeters assisting lost souls who didn't speak Korean. There were numerous computer kiosks that, with a swipe of a plane ticket, displayed an easy-to-read map showing a passenger the path and transit time to the gate.

"These are the things that make a traveler feel welcome in a strange land," Kreiser, 44, said. "It's an airport that's extending a hand to say, 'Thanks for coming. We're glad you're here.' "

Located on an island of reclaimed wetlands not far from the site of Gen. Douglas MacArthur's first allied assault in the Korean War, Incheon is the scene of a new offensive: Opened in 2001, the airport has set its sights on becoming Asia's premier air hub, overtaking competitors in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

And by 2020, officials here want to redefine airport services to match those of an average city. On land the size of Manhattan, there are plans to construct a theme park, a yacht marina, designer studios, a fashion runway, a convention center and a hospital complex to capitalize on medical tourism.
I'd live there.

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  1. did he go to the same airport as me? inchon airport was scary and confusing. i got lost. it was kafkaesque.


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