Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And Asia's hopes are dashed

I didn't get a chance to view this match, since I was in line at the at&t store to get an iPhone 4 (more on that later, but a preview is that you suckers in Korea who lapped up the 3Gs like it was the golden turds of Steve Jobs himself are going to be kicking yourselves — kicking yourselves — for not having waited just a few more months for the iP4).

And speaking of kicks:
Japan crashed out of the World Cup finals in heartbreaking fashion on Tuesday after a 5-3 penalty shootout defeat to Paraguay in the second round.

Yuichi Komano missed Japan's third spot kick and Oscar Carodozo buried the decisive penalty to give the South Americans victory after a goalless 120 minutes and deny Japan a first ever place in the quarterfinals.
Brutal. Just brutal.

And with that, all three of my favorite teams are out of the World Cup. I guess I really will start rooting for Ghana. I like their chocolate.

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  1. Forget about Ghana...after those fake dives they were taking against the USA, I have no respect for them. Yes, all teams take those fake dives, but some of those Ghanians took dives when they were barely touched. And I'm glad Portugal is out after their greedy 7 goal attack on those poor Norks. Couldn't they have stopped at 5?? I'll cheer on Spain as they seem like the only "non-abrasive" team for me. Although, I do feel it will come down to Brazil VS Germany, just like in '02.


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