Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And speaking of addictions...

... Jamba Juice is coming to Korea. According to the AP, it plans to open two hundred stores over the next ten years:
Jamba agreed to develop the locations with Paris Croissant, an affiliate of the SPC Group, which has 4,500 retail locations in South Korea across several brands, including Paris Baguette.
I think I have a Paris Croissant near my apartment, but it could be Paris Baguette. I always get the two mixed up (and don't tell me one's bigger than the other).

Anyway, I've tried Jamba Juice exactly once. I liked it okay, but as a grad student on a budget, it was either JJ or Coffee Bean, and I think it's no secret where my loyalty lies.

I don't think places like Red Mango will be too hurt by Jamba Juice's sudden entry [edit: Whoops, that didn't come out right], mostly because their primary product is different enough (sit-down frozen yogurt versus on-the-go energy drinks as meals), but Smoothie King may be dethroned. Which is too bad, because they used to have that buck-naked girl (i.e., young woman) in their  advert posters.


  1. Jamba Juice rocks...ya'll need to try the Acai berry one. The drinks are not necessarily "healthy" as they try to make it seem..there's tons of calories in them and not a lot of fruit actually. But they taste good. By the way, why does the pic look like there's cake frosting in the cups instead of smoothies?

  2. I think that frosting look is what happens when the ice thaws a bit and then melts again while the drinks are set up for taking a picture.

    I didn't take the picture, so I don't know. Usually when I need a pic for something, I just go to Google images and pick the first interesting thing I see that isn't NSFW.


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