Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Korea advances to knock-out round after 2-2 draw against Nigeria

It was quite exciting, though a bit amateurish, as I mentioned here. But South Korea has managed to edge into the Round of Sixteen with one win, one draw, and one loss. They join Argentina, to whom they lost badly, in leaving Group B. Here's ESPN's coverage of the match.

After a half dozen World Cup appearances since 1954, it is the first time for Korea Republic to advance beyond the group round except that fabled time when the World Cup was played on South Korean soil in 2002.

It was a nice lunchtime match here in Pacific Daylight Time, but it's got to be the middle of the night for fans back in South Korea.

Did anyone go out and watch? Did you stay up late or get up early? Are people going to work? Did people pull down their pants? Was it a wonderful evening of theater and picking up after yourselves?



  1. Korea was winning 2-1...but they let Nigeria score that unsatisfying equalizer. Kushibo, were you watching (jinxing) the game again?!

  2. By the way, check out the crowd in the background....they are so not excited about Korea's goal. haha

  3. Wow...a washout (1 win, tie, and a loss) and they advance.

    I'm a numbers man dealing with Nielsen television ratings on a daily basis (which themselves don't make a lot of sense most of the time) and I can't make much sense out of how a team batting/kicking .500 is allowed to continue on, but it really makes as much sense as the U.S. Census
    trying to count people 16 times and saying they are really only being counted once. Yeah, I'll buy that for a dollar

  4. John from Taejŏn wrote:
    I can't make much sense out of how a team batting/kicking .500 is allowed to continue on

    It's about how well you did against others as much as how well you did yourself. Argentina won all three of its games — something that no other team in any other group has done (so far) — and that takes away a lot of the win-loss points that the other teams can get.

    At that point, three points from a win and a draw is better than two points (Greece, with just one win) or one point (Nigeria, with just one draw).

    I don't really have a problem with it. Ultimately, if Korea Republic is not worthy, they will lose to Uruguay next Saturday or to someone else on July 2 or on July 6, etc.

  5. LastnameKim wrote:
    Kushibo, were you watching (jinxing) the game again?!

    That thought occurred to me as well.

  6. And John, about the Census, while I have no doubt that man received multiple forms, I highly doubt that he received sixteen forms for the 2010 Census.

    I myself was dealing with sloppy work whereby people were sent multiple mail-in forms because their apartment complex was counted twice, and it sounds like his place may have been listed initially both as regular residential and as a GQ (group quarters, which requires a different enumeration process), but from experience I'm guessing he also happened to be sent an American Community Survey form or two.

    The ACS is a valuable research tool for demographers, economists, sociologists, etc., and is run on a rolling basis constantly, irrespective of the decennial Census. It's very extensive, so the US Census in 2010 has been pared down to just ten routine questions because ACS makes a longer Census form redundant, and a longer form means more resistance to participation.

    The problem is that people think the ACS form is their Census form and insist they sent it in (or received it at least).


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