Monday, June 7, 2010

In (faint) praise of the "wedding hole"

Roboseyo takes a fair and honest look at Korea's yeshikchang and whether one should get married there.

I myself would never choose to get married in a wedding hall, the likes of which are usually the unholy spawn of Sleeping Beauty's castle mates meets the north Las Vegas Strip. I prefer the option of a Catholic church that is available in Korea (if one or both of you is Catholic), but if my wife-to-be insisted on a getting married in a "wedding hole," I'd do it just to make her happy.

And isn't that was weddings are all about: giving in to your future wife irrespective of your own wants and desires?


  1. dding hole is not so bad... I got married in one. It's convenient (everything's done for you and it includes wedding photos and video, buffet dinner, and dress/tux hire) and cheaper than other options (I heard Catholic churches were VERY expensive).

    We're also planning on having a second wedding in a little chapel in the countryside back home too - best of both worlds.

  2. Were I to get married in Korea — whether to a KoKo or even a kyopo or non-kyopo American or whatever — I'd probably have a nice, quiet "second wedding" "back home" in California.

  3. Gah! Looks like the start of my message got cut off...

    Should start:

    The we...

  4. I figured as much. Though at first I thought "dding hole" was code for what the kids are calling it these days.

  5. Well, it could be, but I'm too old to know... :D

    The typing mistake is down to the fact that every time I go to comments pages on blogger, they load twice.

  6. I went to a wedding recently in the Technomart above Sindorim station and was amazed at how the planners (and bride) brought a non-wedding hall feeling to the whole affair...

    Except for two things: First, the seating was arranged in tables so the post-wedding buffet was amazingly efficient. And, of course, we were on the 14th floor of a shopping mall.

    I'd still prefer a Catholic wedding myself and if you're Protestant, most churches are rather un-sacred feeling anyway...

  7. Wedding halls are truly atrocious. More tackier than a vegas wedding.

  8. Here's a look at the flip-side, from Jason of Kimchi-Icecream, the post that prompted Rob's take:

    word verification: megatoo. We were thinking about getting married in a hall in Gwangju but all the decorations were megatoo much.

  9. Kushibo you wrote

    I prefer the option of a Catholic church that is available in Korea (if one or both of you is Catholic).

    Why do you specify Catholic churches? Do Korean Anglicans not get married in church? Or does the RCC have some special arrangement with the ROK government about paperwork?


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