Friday, June 18, 2010

South Korea throws in the towel against Argentina, loses 4-1

That's what I've gleaned from the closed captioning on the news
channel on the other end of the waiting room of the government
building I've been waiting in since this morning.

So if Korea Republic can beat Nigeria and Greece gets trounced by
Argentina, will the Taeguk Warriors advance to the next round? (I
haven't been following too closely lest my jinx kick in.) what other
scenarios see South Kprea advancing?

How is this playing out on the streets of Seoul? I'm missing all the
excitement (and I should link to 2006 World Cup posts).

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  1. Exactly...I believe if South Korea can beat Nigeria and Greece loses to Argentina, Korea will move on to the next round. Korea will not advance if Greece beats Argentina (nano chance). If Korea at least ties with Nigeria and Greece ties with Argentina, then Korea still might not advance because they allowed so many goals against Argentina today. Bottom line is, just hope that Korea beats Nigeria and Greece loses next (the most likely scenario).

  2. OK, it's like this: assuming Argentina beats Greece, SK must either defeat or draw with the Nigerians to advance. If they lose, Nigeria advances.

    Wiki has a pretty good chart:

    Assuming SK advances (and history is in their favor, as they did win the opening match while Nigeria did not), they will face the winners from Group A (which looks to be Uruguay or Mexico).


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