Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fun while it lasted

Well, I watched the game against Uruguay, but it was on time delay, so I don't think my jinx would come into play. By the time I saw Korea Republic tie it up, 1-1, I think Uruguay had already gotten their second goal, which propelled them into the quarterfinals.

While the ball handling was a bit sloppy at times, it was a good game to watch and the Taegûk Warriors deserve a pat on the back for getting as far as they did: the first time out of group play on foreign soil. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if some netizens start talking up the goofy ball they've been using in the South Africa World Cup, the idea being that a normal ball would have sent some of Korea's near misses into the net. The correct side of the net.

Two points about that: first, it wouldn't be just KoKos complaining about that, lest anyone talk about uniquely Korean sour grapes; and second, that while there are many countries in the WC complaining about the flighty nature of the ball, it is mostly teams and their fans after a loss.

But who am I to disparage a team or their fans for griping before they have a chance to gripe? I just want to congratulate them on a job well done and look forward to the US match.

Now, per this conversation, what will KoKo fans do vis-à-vis Japan's match. With my theory being that most South Koreans either are indifferent to Japan's success or would like to see them do well as long as they don't do as well or better than Korea, it will be interesting to see how KoKos will react if Japan actually wins against Paraguay. My guess is that KoJa is no match for the Guays.

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