Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This is time I could be working...

... but instead I'm reading Gadget's live coverage of Steve Jobs's talk at the WWDC2010 in San Francisco (couldn't find live feed) introducing the iPhone 4G iPhone 4.

It has a lot of cool stuff, including FaceTime video conferencing built-in, along with a video camera and video editing, retina-grade resolution on the display, more efficient multitasking, etc., etc. They really have taken a big leap.

These are essentially the same prices as those for Apple's previous latest models. Just as the 3G did when when the 3Gs came out, the 3Gs will drop to $99 in price. The 3G (which is what I bought two summers ago) will no longer be sold, but the new iOS4 software will mostly work on it.

I will definitely be getting one (I have a special need for the camcorder-on-demand feature and almost bought a newer iPod Nano for that reason alone). In the meantime, for 3G users like myself or 3Gs users, there's the new iOS4.

The only question is whether I'll stay black or go white.

Oh, and for some Korea-related news on the iPhone, go here.

I'm especially looking forward to the iPhone FaceTime feature. For now it will only be available through wifi from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, which is probably a good way for couples to get his-and-hers iPhone 4s. I'd considering getting one for my mom, though.

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