Tuesday, June 15, 2010

North Korean upset against Brazil?

That's what the Wall Street Journal is preparing us for:
A North Korea defeat of Brazil in their World Cup match Tuesday would rank as one of the greatest upsets in sports history.

And North Korea Coach Kim Jong Hon believes it's possible.

"Regarding the match results, I can be very optimistic," he said through a translator at a news conference Monday. "Our players are very qualified."

North Korea is ranked 84th on the FIFA tables, the lowest in the tournament. Brazil is ranked first.

Brazil has won five championships, North Korea none. In fact, it hasn't played in the World Cup since 1966.

Brazil has 195 goals in World Cup history. North Korea has five.

Brazil, with stars like Kaka and Lucio, is the best-known team in the world. North Korea has just a handful of athletes who play on clubs outside their own country.
Even though they threaten my home, cause troubles that spin my KRW cash into the toilet, and are just generally menacing to their own people and their neighbors, I'm rooting for North Korea to pull off one of history's "greatest upsets." It would be a nice change from just being most upsetting.


  1. I'm torn between my habit of rooting for the underdog against the arrogant and fearing any NK victory would be used to ill propaganda effect back home in the North. At the same time, victory celebration rallies in North Korea could spiral into something out of control.

    I wonder if the DPRK dares showing the match live at the risk of a 5-0 schooling at the hands of the Brazilians.

  2. i, too, want to see how rowdy a nork sports riot would get.

  3. If NK even drew an unlikely tie with Brazil..that would be the upset of the last 30 years. But you have to like Brazil...they have a coach named Dunga and a player named Kaka. What's not to like about them? I'm guessing it will be Brazil 4-0, but I'm cheering for a big upset by the Norks.


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