Saturday, June 19, 2010

A "disgrace": US goal not counted, only ties with Slovenia, 2-2

That was the wording used by the American half of the two-man announcing team following the come-from-behind tie to express his disgust at what may have been a bad call by the referee.

And when I heard that, I thought to myself that that sounded like one of those things that, had it been uttered by a Korean announcer following a disappointing call against the ROK team, the K-blogosphere would be awash in comments of what sorry sports the Koreans are in general.

But I'm sure it's just him. I have the utmost confidence that if you go online and look at the comments sections of various websites, there will be almost nothing but the nicest comments of how hard it is to officiate a match (and I should know, as I used to be an AYSO soccer ref in my youth). That is, if anybody in America even noticed Team USA was in the World Cup.

By the way, an oldie 2006 World Cup post... the rockin' Team USA logo.


  1. But before you doubt the whiners, they may have a case. I have a few non-US supporting colleagues here and even THEY said the nullified goals were very questionable. But oh well, bad calls will arise and we just have to assume it was done in with innocent intentions (the bad calls, I mean).


    The video here shows different angles of the goal/foul. It clearly shows Slovenia giving bear hugs to the the US players. And try to find a foul done by the US.

    FIFA is going to review the game and the calls made by the ref.

    Refs do not have to explain to anyone the reasoning for their calls which I think needs to be examined. I think that FIFA is going to get a lot of bad rep from this and they will need some readjustment.

  3. Agree US was robbed. But I'm kinda hoping England will be eliminated.

    Also, the US team needs a better logo. The only thing I will mention is that stars are usually for World Cup wins, which the US has none of (and yet still has three misleading stars on its crest).


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