Friday, June 3, 2011

Daily Kor for Friday, June 3, 2011

From story #5, I was going to make a joke about Korean Air's A380 jumbojet offering new work opportunities for older English teachers who scare kindergarten children, but I thought better of it.

Daily Kor is back! Permanently! Or at least as long as I can keep up my leisurely morning schedule that allows me the time to comprehensively scour the Interwebs for all the Korea news that fits. Have a great weekend! Unless you're in the US, where it's still Thursday and if you don't go to work tomorrow you may get fired.
  1. North Korea ministers reportedly ask US Human Rights Envoy to North Korea Robert King to return to DPRK (AP WaPo, Yonhap)
    • King says food situation is dire, Pyongyang must account for 22K tons of food aid left over from 2009 (AP via WaPo)
  2. Pyongyang announces law that strips Hyundai Asan of Kŭmgangsan tour monopoly (AP via WaPo, Korea Times)
  3. ROK Prime Minister Kim Hwangsik tells National Assembly session North Korea's claims of Seoul bribing Pyongyang for summit are "untrue" (AP)
    • Unification Minister Hyun Intaek admits to secret meetings with North (CNN, Yonhap)
  4. On-site inspection for evidence of Agent Orange dumping in 1970s begins at Camp Carroll (Korea Times)
  5. Korean Air's first Airbus A380 superjumbo arrives in Inchon (AFP, Korea Times)
  6. Seoul shares plummet 1.27 percent on concerns over US and Greek woes (Yonhap)
  7. Kia Motors to spend US$100 million to boost output in US plants, raising capacity of Georgia plant from 300K units per year to 360K (Reuters)
  8. SK Telecom to cut rates by W28K per year (Reuters, Yonhap, Korea Times, Korea Herald)
  9. ROK government officials targeted by Gmail hacking scheme believed to have originated from China (Joongang Daily)
  10. Four people found dead in Sŏngju in apparent group suicide (AP via WaPo, Korea Herald)
  11. South Korea ends streak of record high foreign exchange reserves (AP via WaPo, Korea Times)
  12. Samsung sues Taiwan's AU Optronics, Acer, and Sanyo over LCD patent complaints (AP via WaPo, Bloomberg)
  13. State-run KOGAS signs deal with Baghdad government to develop Akkas gas field in western Iraq (AP via WaPo)
  14. At People's Army weigh-in, senior officers required to wear large metals to make Kim Jong-un feel less self-conscious, defectors report (Yonhap)

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