Monday, June 20, 2011

Daily Kor for Monday, June 20, 2011

It's a quick edition of the Daily Kor as I head off on for St Andrew's, the latest stop in my weekly tour of Honolulu's historic and/or interesting churches. This one was the location of several scenes of Lost, substituting for Oxford University and an English monastery.
  1. ROK military won't reprimand Marines who fired at Asiana Airlines plane they mistook for North Korean military aircraft (AP via WaPoYonhap)
  2. Ministry of Public Administration and Security says number of public officials punished for corruption increased five fold over past five years (Yonhap)
    • Government to announce plans to grant police the right to open investigations, an ability currently reserved only for prosecutors (Yonhap)
  3. Following Bank of Korea's interest rate hike, ROK mortgage rates hit thirty-month high (Yonhap)
  4. South Korea's start-up/failure ratio rebounds in May as default ratio declines (Reuters)
  5. German NGO group Caritas International says South Korea should give food aid to North Korea (Yonhap)
  6. Board of Audit and Inspection questions economical feasibility of Seoul-Inchon canal (Yonhap)
  7. Hyundai Motors to boost European new car sales 40 percent to 500K by 2013 (Reuters)
  8. South Korean man based in Suriname indict on smuggling US$140 million worth of cocaine through Europe using other Koreans as mules (Yonhap)
  9. South Korea defeats Jordan, 3-1, in second-round Olympic Asian Qualifier (Joongang Daily)
  10. I'm late for church, so make your own gag headline (Monster Island)

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