Sunday, June 5, 2011

Daily Kor for Sunday, June 5, 2011

From story #X, US Defense Secretary meets his Chinese counterpart, General Liang Guanglie, in Singapore. This is not a Korean story per se, but any discussion of the US's deterrence role in East Asia has repercussions for Korea (see here and here).

Since it's summer weather almost everywhere, I guess there's no point in bragging about the beautiful weather on Oahu. Have a great weekend!
  1. ROK Defense Minister Kim Kwanjin vows a far stronger response than in the past to future North Korean attacks, what he termed "proactive deterrence": "I don't think we can be reserved because they are being bolder and bolder" (AP via NPR, Korea Herald)
  2. US Defense Secretary, speaking in Singapore, says US budget woes and war fatigue will not deter US involvement in East Asia (Bloomberg, NYTAP via WaPo, Korea Herald)
    • Gates warns of clashes in oil- and gas-rich South China Sea without a code of conduct (Bloomberg)
  3. In Korea to encourage local Toyota dealers, company president Akio Toyoda says Japanese automaker will return to full capacity by November, after 51 percent dive in South Korean market following devastating Tohoku earthquake, tsunami, and ongoing nuclear crisis (ReutersWSJBloomberg, Korea Herald, Korea Times)
  4. Five North Korean defectors to be allowed to attend American universities under US-sponsored exchange program (Yonhap)
  5. Prosecutors angry over lawmakers' plans to get rid of the investigative unit of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office (Yonhap, Korea Herald, Korea Times)
  6. Trump dazed after being hit in head with cartoon hammer (CNN)

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