Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daily Kor for Thursday, June 30, 2011

Apparently Biblical flooding (story #2) wasn't enough to stop the chinboistas from coming out and joining the protests about tuition (prompted by genuine student interest) and making it about the FTA with the United States, as chinboistas are wont to do (story #3a).

Now before you raise your hand, and say, "Kushibo, what the hell?! Why do they only protest American things?!" Well, actually, there was also considerable opposition when the Chile-Korea FTA was passed as well. So let's just put that meme to rest, too.
  1. Associated Press signs memorandum with North Korean regime to open news bureau in Pyongyang (Monster Island, AP via WaPo)
  2. Monsoon lashes Seoul and Kyŏnggi-do Province with 17 centimeters (6.7 inches) of rain (Joongang Daily)
  3. Republicans opposed to renewing Trade Adjustment Assistance intended to help workers displaced by trade pressures threaten to stall ROK-US free-trade agreement (LAT)
    • More than 15,000 protests march in opposition to high college tuitions and FTA (Yonhap)
    • US President Barack Obama stresses need for FTA passage in order to reduce trade imbalance with South Korea (Yonhap)
    • National Assembly passes Korea-Peru free-trade agreement (Yonhap)
  4. North Korean military vows to retaliate for anti-DPRK signs posted at front-line South Korean army units (AP via WaPo, BBC)
  5. Financial Services Commission says banks will be asked to reduce lending in floating-rate loans, in effort to curb record household debt (Bloomberg)
  6. South Korean manufacturing confidence falls to eighteen-month low (Bloomberg, WSJ)
  7. Moscow says Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has no plans to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-il during his trip to Vladivostok near Russia-DPRK border (Reuters)
  8. Senior prosecutor quits in protest of new law allowing police to open criminal investigations (Joongang Daily)
  9. Unable to swim, hundreds of cars and buses watch helplessly as sedan drowns in flooded roadway (Xinhua)

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