Monday, June 6, 2011

Daily Kor for Monday, June 6, 2011

Have a solemn Memorial Day, everyone in Korea. It's a quick-and-dirty edition of the Daily Kor for me, as I had little time between my morning run and slogging off to church (which is because of the post-run fatigue, not a lack of enthusiasm). Also, being the middle of a holiday weekend, not much is going on, news-wise.
  1. China says its military technology is twenty years behind the United States; it is no threat to its neighbors and does not seek regional hegemony (AP via WaPo, Bloomberg)
  2. Seoul hails appointment of Korea-born US ambassador to South Korea (Yonhap, Korea Times)
  3. Kyŏnggi-do provincial government to inspect unreturned US military bases for dioxin and other hazardous chemicals in water and soil (Yonhap)
  4. North Korea defectors tell Chosun Ilbo that Dr Jack Kevorkian may have been assassinated by North Korean agents after shipping suicide machine to Pyongyang labeled sexual enhancement device (Chosun Ilbo)


  1. I remember talking to an Armenian friend about famous Armenians in the U.S. and naturally we talked about the Kardashian sisters, Cher and Andre Agassi. However, I never knew Jack Kevorkian was Armenian. He was like, yeah, the Armenian community doesn't talk about him too much.

  2. Maybe they were afraid Dr Death would take them out and make it look like a doctor-assisted suicide.

    When Deukmejian was governor, I learned that almost anyone with -ian at the end of their name was Armenian. If their name started with ian, then they were British.

    Somehow California ended up with a very sizable Armenian population, which is odd considering that the Golden State is the part of the US farthest from Armenia.

  3. Kush,

    It's not odd at all. Which state in the Union has a climate most similar to their homeland's?

    Probably why there's so many Persians here too.

  4. With their cold winters, I don't think Armenia and most of California are all that similar. Colorado or Utah might be a better fit.

    I think the Armenian population is more historic than that anyway, and back then people would choose places according to geographic ease of access. I'm not sure about that; it's speculative (that's my new disclaimer).

    And certainly not all immigrant groups choose their location according to climate. The Hmong of Minnesota and Wisconsin come to mind.

  5. "Colorado or Utah might be a better fit."

    Yeah, but who wants to live there?!?!

    "The Hmong of Minnesota and Wisconsin come to mind."

    That's because the Hmong are poor and are staying where they settled... just like the Irish!


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