Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To tweet or not to tweet

You may have noticed that I'm trying something a little different starting today. I've decided to actually use my Twitter feed for something other than snarky remarks mocking those who tweet what they're doing 18.9 times an hour.

Now, in lieu of the Loose Change posts I haven't had time to put together lately, I've decided to take more significant articles that aren't "news" that would fit into the Daily Kor and don't necessarily warrant a full-blown post of their own, and instead tweet them. My Twitter feed is found here, I think.

In some cases, the tweeted items may get their own post later, if/when I have time. Kushibo is quite busy these days with family matters, schoolwork, and work items that pop up here and there.

Any suggestions from my readers are most welcome. I'm still putting out feelers about how to put Twitter and Facebook to good use, the latter of which provides me a bunch of hits but which I have come to loathe for how they insinuate themselves into our lives and shatter our privacy.

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