Sunday, June 12, 2011

Daily Kor for Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's a weekend, and as usual that means a slow news day. And that's about the only kind of day you'll find me talking about K-pop, much less raising it up as a news story.

So after nearly a century and a half (story #2), the French finally return the important historic documents they took during their invasion of Kanghwa-do (in retaliation for repression of Catholics, including the killing of nine French clergy). These are "on loan," but the Korean side is saying it's "perpetually" on loan. Better than nothing, I s'pose.

In return, we are sending them Korean pop stars (story #3).

Seems like a fair trade to me.

  1. Hyundai Motors reaches agreement with union to resume operations thirty-nine hours after walkout began over suicide death of union representative (Yonhap, Bloomberg, Reuters, Korea Times)
  2. South Koreans celebrate the return of the 297-volume Oegyujanggak books, looted by France during 1866 invasion of Kanghwa-do Island (AFPYonhap, Korea Times)
  3. South Korean music groups hold first ever K-pop concern in Paris (Yonhap, Korea Times)
  4. Maj General Cardon , deputy commander in Iraq, selected as new commander for 2nd Infantry Division in Korea (Yonhap)
  5. Villagers in India protest Posco's $12 billion steel plant project in Bhubaneswar (Reuters)
  6. Bank of Korea Governor Kim Choongsoo urges more global coordination in tackling sudden changes in capital flows (Bloomberg)
  7. Ski resort operators angry over Environmental Ministry's plan to reintroduce tigers into the wild (OhMyNews)

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  1. That tiger cub is ADORABLE! And you gotta admit the possibility of some day seeing this headline: "Skier Eaten By Tiger!"
    is totally awesome.


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