Thursday, April 1, 2010

Loose change for April 1, 2010

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  • The Korea Times reports that Korean brands are descending on the US "in droves." I've already seen this with Kyochon, but I wonder if Americans will recognize that Tous Les Jours is Korean, not French. 


  1. Re: Kang Shi-who

    While its always possible that someone would start citing him, what he has to say is not news and anyone who thinks it is probably has nothing to do with the university system in the first place. Either teaching in it or in contact with students. You will notice however, Mr. Kang is up to his old tricks of interviewing only one side of the story, no one from any university is quoted or sourced. Once again, Korean journalism at its finest.

  2. Correction:

    "presenting one side of the story"

  3. FIFA rankings are a load of BS. At once point they had the US in 2nd. 2nd! ELO rankings, while not perfect, a far superior method. [/rant over]


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